BKE Redux V2 Official Release

The feedback has been great for the BKE Redux V2. We’ve decided to proceed with an updated version of the dome that is a slightly less harsh for all weights for a more refined feel on the downstroke of the dome. You can still expect great tactility from all the domes.

More photos to come from this with the install on a Seasonic board. We didn't make any translucent samples unfortunately, but you can see the cutouts for the RGB LED.


Release Colors

  • Ultra Light / Purple
  • Light /  Cyan
  • Heavy / Pink

Translucent Variant

A translucent edition for the Seasonic Topre board will be released. Weights will be the same. Each one will release in a slightly different translucent finish to distinguish the weight. More to come on this later.

Discontinued Weight

The Extreme BKE variant will no longer be produced.

Shipping Prices

If you're interested in shipping prices, we've updated them in a previous post - here. Global shipping will be available.


The pricing of the Redux V2 will be $̶7̶0̶.̶0̶0̶ $78.00 USD and will support every size official Topre board, including Seasonic Full-size w/ RGB. Compatibility with PLUM boards is not officially supported. Samples, including 4x of each weight will be $12 USD.

Estimated Release Date

April 16 2021 with Global Distribution Enabled (Hopefully, if we can get it all arranged).

edit: Pricing has had to be updated from 70 to 78.00 USD