BKE V2 Update

Hi everyone,

With the number of emails we've been getting regarding V2, here's an update on the progress on it.

Since the v1, we've made a V1.5 and V2.0. We've sent out samples of these in random orders for people to test and we got some feedback regarding them. To know which one you have, here is that info:

  • V1.5 are strips that are not RGB compatible (never sold)
  • V2.0 are strips that are RGB compatible (sold in less than 10 quantity, and refunded).

The feedback helped me gauge whether or not to move forward and the V2.0 was not up to snuff, but the V1.5 was well received. The V1.5 helped cover all boards with varying lengths of strips with one universal pack. We had 4 sku's planned for this, but my desire was to refine the V2.0.

Currently, we are working on a few versions of it so we can refine the feel, and also work on an all in one sheet that is comparable to a Topre sheet. Sometime in Q1, we'll be looking to release this updated version. However, we will most likely release it for 1 board at a time, starting with the HHKB. 

If it doesn't go well, we have V1.5 ready to go, but I'd prefer to skip past it and go for something better.

Hopefully this calms the messages regarding the BKE v2