First shipping delay & shipping restrictions.

Due to XMAS shipping volume at the warehouse, our packages will likely go out sometime between Dec 21 - 23. 

Shipping Methods

DHL has been removed from our options, as the warehouse does not utilize them. 

Reship / Mail Forwarders

Reshippers (or mail forwarders) are services that will reship your packages. We ship the packages to them domestically (in the USA), and they offer consolidation services (in which they combine multiple packages together) so you can ship with a reliable courier service (such as FedEx, UPS or DHL) to you. Essentially, it's a domestic mail box that can forward your packages to you. We highly recommend checking shipping rates prior to sign up. 

Usually, reships are located in the state of Oregon.

Some Reship Companies that have been recommended to us, but not tested


Update 12/21/2020

Countries have been removed from the shipping list due to shipping restrictions at our warehouse.