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Order Questions

How do I change/update my order after I ordered??
If it is a custom order, it will take up to 10 business days to get it created due to backlog. If you have questions, contact Jchan94, HERE!

Where is my order confirmation?
Check your SPAM folder.

Where is my shipping/tracking number?
Check your SPAM folder.

Quality Assurance

Here are a few facts about what I do to insure that you receive the best cable possible

  • All connectors are certified for ROHS & tested for quality by myself. I will not use a low quality connector.
  • All cables are tested before being sealed, and then tested again after being sealed. I use an amperage meter to test the cable, as well as using the cable on the applicable device (i.e. keyboard for mini-b, android phone for micro-b, iPhone for Lightning) to make sure that data is properly transferring.
  • If you receive a cable that does not work, or is incorrect from what you order, please go to the RMA section below.


How long does it take to process my order?
If it is a custom order, it will take up to 10 business days to get it created due to backlog. Remember that these are handmade items, and it will take some time to create them.


What if I received a cable dead on arrival?
Message me here and I’ll work with you to give you exactly what you ordered. I stand behind my product 100% so if it is not working, then I will replace or fix it at my cost.

What if a cable does not work over after I have used it?

The cable is covered by a 30 day warranty AFTER you have received it. If the cable does not work anymore, please ship it back to me & I can fix it for $5.00 to its ordered state. Shipping is not covered in this fee.


What if an order returns back to Keyclack, and I do not receive it?

Unfortunately, you will be recharged for shipping costs. We use the shipping address you input into the system, so we are not responsible for the shipment after it has left our hands. If it comes back to Keyclack in Los Angeles, you will be notified to repay for the shipping.