Please open a Support Ticket. Responses occur within 24-48 hours typically.

Sometimes, orders are delayed because of difficulty, natural GB delays, or because I ran out of a material.

Ripster55 obligatory group buy FAQ.

By placing a GB order with Keyclack.com, you agree to the following terms & conditions. There are also specific terms for each group buy laid out on each GB page.

Q. How do I get updates on a group buy?
A. You can get updates on the product page itself.

Q. Can I cancel my order with keyclack.com?
A. Only during the GB phase, but not during the production phase. You may sell your spot, but you are responsible for finding a replacement spot.

Q. Can I change my shipping address?
A. Yes & at anytime before it has shipped.

Q. How are payments made for GBs?
A. Typically Stripe (credit/debit card)

Q. Why is it stripe only? What about Paypal?
A. Stripe allows me “hold funds”. It will hold the money in limbo, before the GB ends. Paypal will be an exception in some cases.

Q. I was charged for my order before the authorized date. What do I do?
A. Stripe “holds funds” in limbo before I receive them on the authorized date. You may get an authorization charge on your statement (please see here for Stripe documentation), but the capture will take a while to get to me.

Q. Can I buy extra things with GB items to get cheaper shipping?
A. Only GB items may be bundled together for the group buy. For example, if GMK Hydro is in GB, you cannot order another GB item, unless it is specifically for GMK Hydro GB. An example of this would be GMK Hydro Base set + GMK Hydro Novelties.

Q. I can’t wait any longer and want don’t want the GB items anymore.
A. You can sell your spot, and hopefully you sell it at cost. Keyclack is not responsible for replacing your spot.

Q. Are there extra terms & conditions with each GB?
A. Yes. Please make sure to read the GB terms & conditions in the product page of each GB.

Keyset Group Buy FAQs

Q. What if there are missing keys or major defects/refunds?
A. This varies on a case by case basis. We will try our best with the manufacturers such as SP, GMK, or other, to get everything sorted properly, but errors do happen. Sets will always be sorted by the manufacturer and replacements will be sent out accordingly if the manufacturer approves of defects or issues.


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At the moment, [Aug 2 2016], there is a 14 day return period. I am pushing for a 7 day return period while working on the backlog. Thank you for your patience.


What does coiling do?
It’s mainly used for aesthetic reasons. But let’s be real, we’re all about them aesthetics.

How long will the coil last?
As long as you do not stretch the coil, the coil will last its life time (note: not a lifetime) as it will retain its coil memory.

Cables with techflex will retain a longer period of time. It is highly recommended to get techflex for coiled cables that are going to be used for laptops.

I personally use a coiled mini-b cable with clear techflex with my Macbook Pro & Pok3r II.

How do I determine how much cable I need?
Your total length of cable chosen will be used towards the coil. For example, you cannot get a 5FT cable, and expect 7 inches of it to be coiled with 1 FT to be length over for slack.

In order to achieve 7 inches of coil with 1 FT of slack, you must choose a 6FT cable length.

How much shorter will my cable be with coil?

There are 2 coiling options available. Of course, please remember that coil isn’t permanent and becomes loose over time.You can see the approximate math for it below.


Medium Coil

  • 1FT of Cable creates about 1.3 inches of coil.
  • 2FT of Cable creates about 2.6 inches of coil.
  • 3FT of Cable creates about 3.9 inches of coil.
  • 4FT of Cable creates about 5.2 inches of coil.
  • 5FT of Cable creates about 6.5 inches of coil.
  • 6FT of Cable creates about 7.8 inches of coil.


Small Coil

  • 1FT of Cable creates about 1.6 inches of coil.
  • 2FT of Cable creates about 3.2 inches of coil.
  • 3FT of Cable creates about 4.8 inches of coil.
  • 4FT of Cable creates about 6.4 inches of coil.
  • 5FT of Cable creates about 8.0 inches of coil.
  • 6FT of Cable creates about 9.6 inches of coil.

How do I format my coil response?

Please use the following examples to format your coil response:

  • ex1: Coil 3 inches from the mini b connector. Coil 3FT of the cable.
  • ex2: Coil all of it. Leave 1 inch on each side.
  • ex3: Coil 2 inches from the mini b connector. Coil length is 3 inches total.
  • ex4: Coil 1 inch from the mini b connector. Coil 1ft of the cable only.

Coil Assurance
If your coiled cable does not arrive to you in good condition, hit me up. We will work things out to come to a proper resolution that will satisfy you and myself 🙂

Keyboard slits are annoying (IMO), but here are the diameters of the all the cables you need to know. These are approximations and some paracord/aegis differ.

These are DIAMETERS of the cables.

Paracord: 0.183 inches or 0.45cm.

Paracord with Techflex: 0.20 inches or 0.51cm.

Aegis: 0.169 inches or 0.43cm

Aegis with Techflex: 0.195 inches, or 0.50cm

We currently offer 7 connectors for cables, and a few variations for each. All have different use cases, so make sure to double check which connector you need!

Connector Used For
Micro-B WASD Keyboard
Mini-B Gold/Metal/Plastic/Left-Angle Pok3r, Varmillo,
Type B Male Fight Sticks, Printers
Type A Male Most Common USB connector found on all computers.
Lightning Noppoo Nano 75-s
Type-C Android Phones
Aviation Can be used with any connector. Used for style

Check out the guide HERE!

Paracord Facts

  • Some paracords are more difficult to sleeve than others
  • Cloth threaded build
  • Strong threading
  • Made in the USA.

Aegis Facts

  • Really easy to sleeve on USB Cables
  • Slightly transparent for some colors
  • Tough and made of plastic
  • Tightly threaded.
  • Used in PC Modding for PSU Cables, Sata Cables & More.

Techflex is a webbed plastic sleeving that goes over the paracord or Aegis sleeving. It gives the cable a more sturdy feel. Techflex does add a little weight and helps keep coils springy.

I personally recommend getting CLEAR techflex. You enjoy the look of the paracord, but also get the rugged feel of the techflex.

Below, you’ll find examples of paracord of similar styles (Blue Snake & Iceland), with and without Techflex.

Iceland with Blue Techflex & Black Heatshrink
Iceland with Blue Techflex & Black Heatshrink
Blue Snake with white heatshrink
Blue Snake with white heatshrink