Made of Brass and Polished to Perfection

So you've picked up a 60% case, but you're still waiting for all the pieces to come together. You want to reach an endgame, but you're not so sure which material to go to for a plate. There are many colors in aluminum, and a few other material options, but when it comes to quality, there's nothing like this plate. These plates are made of brass, which is approximately 3 times denser than aluminum, resulting in a stronger and more rigid feel. On top of being denser, these brass plates are coated with PVD, which helps protect against corrosion. Lastly, the plates are finished off with a mirror polish, and which results in a highly reflective surface. Not for the M65A

Plate Specifications

  • 60% Tray Mount Compatible ; Not for M65A
  • Made of Brass
  • PVD Coating
  • Mirror Polish Finish
  • Make sure to verify layout