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Update #1 Nov 23: I just sent the purchase order to the manufacturer. Extras have been acquired as well. The group buy price of $25 will be honored until Nov 30 2016

Update #2 Nov 25: Due to popularity, we added 10 Grey Units! 🙂

Update #3 Nov 25: The manufacturer has informed me that the mousepads should leave their facilities around Dec 1, and then freight will approximately 10 day. If this  happens, we will have this shipped in 2016 which is very exciting.

Update #4 Nov 28: The manufacturer has informed me that the mousepads will be going out between 12-1 and 12-4 as they have to be sent to a freight forwarder to save on commercial shipping. They should arrive within 10 days to me for redistribution. In other news, we only have 4 mousepads left in Gray.

Update #5 Nov 30: Looks like production is near complete. Check out images here

Update #6 Dec 7: Tracking has been given for the mousepads. I think we should have them shipped out by Dec 20

Update #7 Dec 9Tracking now states a Dec 15 delivery date. Shipping to follow shortly after that.

Update #8 Dec 14: Due to the storms happening recently, Fedex has”estimated” that the mousepads arrive tomorrow, but the mousepads have yet to reach the U.S. More to come as the tracking updates.

Update #9 Dec 15: Fedex has updated the tracking to a Dec 22 delivery date.



The Cherry Inspired Mousepad is a 900mm x 400mm x 5mm (L x W x H) desktop mat that takes many hints from Cherry patents over the years. The mousepad includes a history of Cherry’s company over the years and some of the design notes of the Cherry MX Switch.


  • Nov 13 – GB Opens
  • Nov 30 – GB Ends
  • End of January/Early February – Order Arrives at Keyclack
  • Mid Feb – All orders go out.


  • Please check photos for details. –
  • 900mm x 400mm x 5mm
  • Non-Stitched Edges
  • Soft/Rubber Mousepad
  • High quality Mousepad with Anti-Slip Material
  • 5 Color Options


  • You may order this with XDA keycaps, but your order will be delayed if shipped together.

bluewhite blackgold blackred blackwhite greyblack

Additional Information

Color Options

Grey Top – Black Print – Stitch, Black Top – White Print – Stitch, Black Top – Red Print – Stitch, Black Top – Gold Print – Stitch, Blue Top – White Print – Stitch, Grey Top – Black Print – NonStitch, Black Top – White Print – NonStitch, Black Top – Red Print – NonStitch, Black Top – Gold Print – NonStitch, Blue Top – White Print – NonStitch


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