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Novelty KitSpacebar Kit5B_3These are the updated GMK trays. All 172 keys won't be put into the trays because of sizing issues, but we will maximize the tray.



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Product Description

Update #1 Oct 2 12:00AM: Thanks for joining the GB! We are now entering the payment stage and we will be refunding all people who have ordered the the base set. Now we are in [PREORDER] and the prices are reflected in the buy. Thanks for making Hydro a reality! We believe this should ship in January 2017

Update #2 Oct 5 5:14AM: All orders have been refunded $10 for the base kit. Please email me at if you have any questions, or if anyone was missed. Payment has been made to GMK.

Update #3 Oct 24: January 2017 shipdate.

Update #4 Oct 27: GMK has included additional packaging for GMK Hydro that you have seen with GMK Carbon. It is very exciting. We have also added an additional 1.5U Novelty at no additional cost.

Update #5 Nov 7: GMK has quoted a Mid-January ship date.

Update #6 Nov 11: GMK has confirmed a Mid-January ship date again via email. I’m am asking if we can get a pre-winter vacation ship date.

Keyset Specifications

  • 172 keys included in base kit.
    • Supports: 1800, WKL, HHKB, FC660M, standard 75%, and full ISO-UK.
    • Includes both barred & scooped F and J keys are scooped
  • Optional Kits
    • Optional GMK Doubleshot novelties ;
    • Optional N5(Blue) Spacebar kit (7U + 6.25U + 6U)
  • Cherry Profile
  • Compatible with Cherry MX & compatible switches
  • Manufactured with original Cherry Corp ABS double-shot molding by GMK.
  • Base set will be in Trays (please see image). All 172 keys won’t be put into the trays because of sizing issues, but we will maximize the tray.

Price Breakdowns

Base Kit

  • MOQ 1: 150 Keysets
    • $150 + shipping
  • MOQ 2: 250 Keysets
    • $140 + shipping
  • MOQ 3: 500 Keysets
    • $130 + shipping

Novelty Kit

  • MOQ 1: 150 sets
    • $50 + shipping
  • MOQ 2: 250 sets
    • $42 + shipping

N5 Spacebar Pack

  • MOQ 1: 150 sets
    • $12+ shipping

Special Shipping Details

  • All base sets are sorted by GMK & shipped in a tray to prevent damage.
  • International Packages are insured.
  • If you are in EU, please select “EU Keyset Shipped from Belgium” to save on VAT. These will be shipped by /u/kingestea in Belgium.
  • If you are in China/Singapore, please join the GB which is lead by /u/kingnestea. He is responsible for this GB as the sets will be shipped from GMK to him directly. TaoBao store here.


  • September 19th: Group Buy Period Opens
  • October 1st: Group Buy Period Ends
  • October 8th: Submit order to GMK
  • January 17th: Estimated Delivery Date to Los Angeles, CA
  • January 18th: Ship all orders out immediately.

GB Terms:

  • MoQ is 150 units of each kit.
  • Please read the general GB terms here

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