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[GB] SA Grand Budapest

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Product Description

Update #1 Nov 12: Thanks for joining in! We’re counting the orders and confirming ISO + ergodox cancelations. We’ll update the page once we push forward.

Update #2 Nov 22: We’ve sent payment to SP and are waiting confirmation for the ship date.

Designed by Madeo, the SA Grand Budapest set was made out of love for Grand Budapest the Movie. The set uses pink, purple, and red to create a very classical and modern color combination.

Please check over the Interest Check on Geekhack for other details.

Keyset Specifications

  • SA sculpted with semi-matte finishing
  • Rows: 1-1-2-3-4-4
  • Color Codes:
    • Alphas – Pantone 7422U
    • Light Pink (Novelty) – RCS
    • Red – RA
    • Purple – RDE
    • Yellow – YY
  • 4 Kits Total
    • Alpha Kit – Includes Novelties
    • Modifiers Kit – Includes Tsangan & Oddball Layouts
    • 40s Kit – Includes compatibility for JD40, Planck, Minivan
    • Ergodox Kit –
    • ISO Kit
  • Compatible with Cherry MX & compatible switches
  • Manufactured by Signature Plastics

Price Breakdowns

Alpha Kit

  • MOQ 1: 150
    • $65 + shipping
  • MOQ 2: 250 Keysets
    • $60 + shipping

Modifiers Kit

  • MOQ 1: 150
    • $120 + shipping
  • MOQ 2: 250 Keysets
    • $110 + shipping


  • MOQ 1: 50
    • $75 + shipping
  • MOQ 2: 150 Keysets
    • $65 + shipping


  • MOQ 1: 50
    • $50 + Shipping
  • MOQ 2: 150
    • 45 + Shipping


  • MOQ 1: 50
    • $70 + shipping

Special Shipping Details

  • All base sets are sorted by Signature Plastics
  • International Packages are insured.
  • If you are in China/Singapore, please join the GB which is lead by /u/kingnestea. He is responsible for this GB as the sets will be shipped from SP to him directly. TaoBao store here.


Please read the general GB terms here

Q. When does this GB end?
A. On November 7th, 2016, 11:59PM PST.

Q. What kits do I need for Whitefox/TKL?
A. Modifiers + Alphas.

Q. What kits do I need for Ergodox/JD40/Minivan/Planck?
A. 40s + Alphas

Q. What kits do I need for Whitefox/TKL?
A. Modifiers + Alphas.

Q. Will there be extra sets?
A. Yes! Extra sets will be sold here on

Q. How many units can I purchase?
A. Up to five units for each kit. Any other orders will be canceled without notification.

Q. When do payments occur?
A. Immediately

Q. Are you responsible for any defects or refunds?
A. Only if major defects are noticed & Signature Plastics approves of replacements.

Q. Who is doing sorting?
A. Signature Plastics

Q. What is the estimated delivery date?
A. May 2017.

Q. Can I cancel my order with
A. Only during the GB phase, but not during the production phase with Signature Plastics. You may sell your spot, but you are responsible for finding a replacement spot.

Additional Information


Alphas, Modifiers, 40s, Ergodox, ISO


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