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Product Description

Designed by Monkey Six of Camp-Team China, the SA Camping set was made by & for a group of friends.

This group buy is in support of the group buy with Camp-Team China. Keyclack is not the main entity for this group buy, but will work with Camp-Team to make this group buy run smoothly:)!

Please check over the Interest Check on Geekhack for other details.


  • SA sculpted with semi-matte finishing
  • Rows: 1-1-2-3-4-4
  • Color Codes:
    • WCK/VF
    • VF/WCK
    • WCK/RBC
  • 156 total Keys
    • No Child kits. You get everything in the picture.
  • MATA key, is actually META. That is a render error.


Please read the general GB terms here

Q. When does this GB end?
A. On September 6th, 2016, 11:59PM PST.

Q. How many sets of SA-Camping will be made?
A. There is currently no plans for R2 production.

Q. Will there be extra sets?
A. Yes! Extra sets will be sold here on keyclack.com

Q. How many units can I purchase?
A. Up to three units per order. Any other orders will be canceled without notification.

Q. When do payments occur?
A. Immediately

Q. Are you responsible for any defects or refunds?
A. Only if major defects are noticed & Signature Plastics approves of replacements.

Q. What if there are missing keys?
A. They will be given out if there are replacements for the entire group. Since this set is sorted by SP, we are not responsible for missing keys.

Q. What is the estimated delivery date?
A. 2017 Quarter 2.

Q. Can I cancel my order with keyclack.com?
A. Only during the GB phase, but not during the production phase with Signature Plastics. You may sell your spot, but you are responsible for finding a replacement spot.


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