BKE Topre Dome Replacements V2 - RGB Compatible

BKE Topre Dome Replacements V2 - RGB Compatible

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The Most Tactile a Rubber Dome Can Get

V2 of the BKE TOPRE DOMES are now available. They are compatible with the RGB Topre Board, and come in strips, instead of individual domes. Each universal pack can cover every topre board, and depending on your board, you will have extra domes available; one bag fits all. Colors are the same as v1 domes.

Special Notes

V2 BKE Topre Domes are easier over V1 to install due to the strip design. Depending on your board, you may have to cut a corner of a few domes. We've closed the top of the dome as well. 


  • Domes in strips (not individual like V1)
    • Strips come in 3, 4, & 10 dome variants.
    • Individual domes for keys such as modifiers.
  • Does NOT include springs. Please make sure to not lose them during this mod.


  • Authentic Topre Brand Boards (some cuts may be required for FC660 + RF)
  • RC930
  • Plum87
  • Compatible with RGB Topre Boards

Unit Specifications

  • Redux Sample Pack: 3x Individual Pcs + 1x 3Dome Strip (covers 6 keys total).
  • Universal Pack: Fits All Topre Keyboards

Ultra Light Dome Specifications

  • Ultra Light: Approximately 40g Bottom Out
  • Purple Color w/ Matte Finish
  • Quiet, and great for those looking for a small tactile topre experience.

Light Redux Dome Specifications

  • Light Redux: Approximately 50g Bottom Out
  • Light Grey Color w/ Gloss Finish
  • (Cyan + Blue Variants Exist for this Weight)

Heavy Redux Dome Specifications

  • Heavy Redux: Approximately 65g Bottom Out
  • Black Color w/ Gloss Finish

Extreme Redux Specifications

  • Extreme Redux: Approximately 90g Bottom Out
  • White Color & Matte Finish
  • Extreme to the MAX. Not for the faint of heart.

    Tutorial Guide

    Variance Note: There is variance in the domes due to the difficulty in creating the domes. If your domes out of variance by more than +/- 5g, please message us, and we will replace them.